Business Step Up provides expert business coaching!

Business Step Up provides expert business coaching, mentoring and Leadership & Management Training to business leaders and senior managers to help them identify internal weaknesses that restricts common understanding of the Company vision and consequently hinders growth. Once identified, programmes are developed and delivered to align the company’s purpose with employee behaviour; essentially to have all employees “singing from the same hymn sheet” within a customer-centric culture.
Business Step Up is an ongoing process that aligns, motivates and empowers employees at all levels to consistently deliver a satisfying customer experience.
Typical programmes would consist of staff training and development, effective internal communications and integration schemes designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of the overall sales and marketing orientation within an organisation. Delivery might typically involve:

  • Management of Change (new systems, re-structuring, new working practices etc);
  • Building the Corporate Image (create awareness of the company’s vision, values, strengths)
  • Strategic Internal Marketing (developing co-operation and commitment and reducing internal conflict to make external strategies work).
  • Sales and Sales and Marketing procedures to increase and deliver the business